claudia schmid


I grew up in Switzerland where I first started creating picture stories as a child. I studied for a year at Zürich Art School but most of what I learned about visual Art came from looking at a lot of paintings and drawings. 

As I moved about and lived in faraway places such as Java, Winnipeg, London and Zürich I continued to develop my individual style of drawing and painting, creating more and more my own world which is peopled by unusual creatures both in human and animal form. These are mostly friendly, amusing and occasionally disturbing but all are decidedly peculiar!

As an Illustrator I have created three children's books, two of which were published by Peter Hammer in Germany.

Since moving to Totnes, Devon in 2003 and becoming a mother, I have been exhibiting my work regularly and have started to work on new book projects. I am also the designer and creator of a range of soft toy creatures called "Dutzis", which I make from recycled jumpers. They inhabit the same odd world as my other artwork and are popular with all ages.